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It is our goal to bring hope and health to those individuals and families managing this brain disorder. Like all medical conditions, it takes effort and financial support to further the science that leads to effective management and cures.
Thank you in advance for taking a moment to give whatever you can to further the research that benefits our friends living with Epilepsy.

The last 10 years have brought a number of promising trends. Scientists networks and collaboration have grown in this field. The community of epilepsy researchers is stronger than ever and continues to grow. There are more scientific minds focusing on brain and neurological disorders and joining the growing network. Hopefully with continued support from government grants, corporate grants, and private funding we will continue to see this increase in epilepsy-related science and treatment. This will continue to provided hope that a game changing therapy or cure is coming.

We continue to face major challenges. Funding of epilepsy research continues to be inadequate to create long, focused science that leads to breakthroughs. The majority of research is still mostly focused on seizure control and not the prevention or stopping the the disease.

Mortality rates among people with epilepsy are three times the normal rate. Sudden death rates are more than twenty times higher. In the US alone, one in 26 people will develop epilepsy. We must continue to push for more epilepsy research.

Epilepsy publications and the number of authors per publication have also increased despite the inadequate funding. This is a promising sign and indicates more collaboration. Together we are strong and capable of making real advances towards medical treatments and a cure.