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The vast majority of epileptic seizures are treated and controlled through medication, most specifically anticonvulsant drugs. The epilepsy treatment prescribed will depend on many factors, including frequency and severity of seizures, the person’s age, overall health, and medical history.

Epilepsy Treatment with Drugs

There are many drugs available used to treat epilepsy. Most are relatively new and have only recently been released. There is difficulty in that generic drugs are safely used for most of the traditional medications. However, the anticonvulsants are widely used with extra caution. Because of this most doctors will prescribe brand-name anticonvulsants even though many insurance companies will not cover these. It is common for patients to start with generic and then switch to brand name if the desired results are not achieved.

In some cases of epilepsy, through medication, some patients can be taken off treatment permanently. The more severe cases of epilepsy are a lifelong commitment to medical and drug treatment. Patients who are seizure-free for a prolonged period of time should consider being re-evaluated to stop drug treatments.